Having made your first step by joining the Gloucestershire Centre,
you may now be wondering how to book in to your first rally.

Having chosen a Rally which interests you, book in by sending your
completed Rally Slip to the Rally Officer named, together with a
cheque for £5.00 made payable to:
“The Caravan Club – Gloucestershire Centre”.
You will not receive confirmation of your booking – assume you are
booked in unless the R.O. contacts you.
(If you want to, you can ring the Rally Officer to confirm your booking).


It’s advisable to have a look at the RALLY RULES, to see the guidelines
which the Centre operates under.
These rules are for your safety and well being.
Then you follow the steps listed below:

Follow directions given in your Rally Handbook. When you near your
destination you will be guided by The Glos. Centre rally signs
(Black words on yellow background with a sphinx logo).
Always take a look at a map against the location details provided in
the Handbook. This can save you a lot of time and frustration later on,
especially if you are arriving in the dark.
Please do not arrive on the rally any earlier than the time stated.

On arrival, you will find the Rally Officers waiting for you. They will
normally be the first caravans inside the site, and will be marked with
“Rally Officer” signs. You will be welcomed and given a Rally Envelope
upon payment of the due Rally Fee. The envelope will contain a Plaque,
Programme, Competitions and Social Tickets (if you booked for Social).
You can join in as much or as little as you want – fellow Ralliers will
welcome you and help you in any way they can. The Rally Officer will
guide you to a Peg Marker where you will site your outfit.

During the Rally
, usually at the end, there will be a “Flag”. This is when
Ralliers assemble for news of forthcoming events, birthday and anniversary
announcements, and Competition winner announcements. Children usually
receive free sweets. It is also where the Rally Officers are thanked for
running the Rally on behalf of the Gloucestershire Centre.

To be a Rallier, you will need all the usual camping equipment,
plus blocks and wedges (for sloping sites) to level up your caravan,
and a bin liner to take your dry waste home with you.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Rallies generally will require you to have your own
facilities – i.e.toilet in your caravan and your own electrical power
(12v battery, solar panel etc.) Rallies offering electric hook-ups will
be referred to as “Serviced Pitches”. If there is no mention of a serviced
pitch, then you will need your own facilities.
All rallies will always have drinking water point and toilet disposal point.

AND FINALLY: If you have booked a rally, and find that you can’t attend,
please let the Rally Officers know. Cancellation WILL incur expenditure to
the Centre, and your £5.00 deposit will be forfeited.