Gloucestershire Centre Rally Rules
Incorporating the Code Of Conduct for Rallies

1. All rules and notes are supplementary to the obligations which all Members under
when joining The Caravan Club and which include the observation of the Caravan Code,
the Country Code and the Coastal Code. Respect should be shown to the Land Owners
property, trees, fences, farm buildings, equipment and stock.

2. Rallies are open only to Members of the Caravan Club, under whose Certificate of
Exemption rallies are organised. The attendance at the site, and/or payment of the Rally
Fee shall be an acceptance, by the Member of these rules.

3. All Members must report to the Rally Officer on arrival at the site with their caravan
before pitching, and must be prepared to substantiate their identity by producing their
Membership Card if requested to do so by the Rally Officer.

4. The authority for the conduct of the rally shall be vested in the Rally Officer, or his
appointed deputy, who in the event of a Member breaking these Rules, shall be authorised
to request such Member to remove his caravan from the site, and thereupon the Rally
Officer shall report the matter immediately to the Centre Committee for such action as shall
be deemed necessary.

5. The Centre Committee reserve the right to refuse the use of the rally site to any
Member, or to request any Member to remove his caravan.

6. The receipt by the Rally Officer of the Rally Booking Form at least seven days prior to
the commencement of the Rally, shall be pre-requisite to the supply of a rally plaque to a
Member. No Member shall be entitled to a plaque unless he attends the rally with his
caravan. Members who book to attend rallies within the seven days preceding the rally,
and Members who attend without prior booking, cannot be guaranteed an official plaque.
Gloucestershire Centre Members attending their first Gloucestershire Rally, are requested
to indicate that it is their first Rally on their booking form.

7. For Rally and Social purposes, children are classed as being up to and including the age
of twelve years and will normally receive a packet of sweets free at the closing ceremony of
a Rally. Teenagers of thirteen years and over are classed as adults for the purpose of Social

8. In the event of a Rally being cancelled or altered in any way immediately prior to the
Rally, only Members who have booked will be notified.

9. Members who book rallies and are unable to attend, should inform the Rally Officer if
possible in advance, and are likely to be held responsible for any expenses incurred on their

10. Members expecting visitors during the course of the rally, should inform them to
contact the Rally Officer on arrival at the site so that they may be properly directed, and of
course the Rally Officer should be notified in advance of their likely arrival.

11. The Rally field opens at 5.00 p.m. on the Friday unless otherwise stated, and closes on
the last day of the Rally at a time decided by the Rally Officer.

12. Unless previously paid, all Rally Fees shall be paid to the Rally Officer or his deputy on
arrival at the Rally Site. Cheques must be made payable to “The Caravan Club,
Gloucestershire Centre”

13. Each caravan and towing vehicle must be placed on the pitch indicated by the Rally
Officer, with the right hand front corner of the caravan over the marker. Cars should be
parked on the offside of the caravan.

14. Members attending rallies may reserve ONE pitch only, at the discretion of the Rally

15. The speed limit on the Rally Site including any access tracks, shall be WALKING PACE.
Only fully licenced drivers may drive vehicles on the Rally Site with the exception of learner
motor cyclists who may drive directly to the caravan they are visiting and off the site again
when leaving, observing the walking pace limit at all times.
Under no circumstances are driving lessons, etc. permitted.

16. Open fires are not allowed except with the permission of the Rally Officer and
in a place agreed with him. Barbecues should also be agreed with the Rally Officer
and sited well away from caravans and awnings.

17. All Members are strongly recommended to carry a suitable BBI or FOC approved Fire
Extinguisher and be aware of the operating instructions. A Fire Blanket should be included
in the caravans equipment together with a First Aid Kit. Ralliers are requested to carry a
Fire Bucket which should be filled with water and placed by the Tow Hitch of the caravan.

18. One Pup Tent only may, with the prior agreement of the Rally Officer, be erected at
the nearside of the caravan and shall not extend beyond the front and rear of the adjacent
caravan. The proposal to erect a tent should be indicated on the booking slip.

19. Members own toilets are required at all rallies, properly charged with an approved
chemical fluid.

20. The contents of the chemical toilet must not be disposed of on a Rally Site, except
into the disposal point indicated by the Rally Officer.

21. All animals are to be kept under control and must not be allowed to run loose on
the Site. Dogs must at all times be tethered or held on leads not exceeding 12 feet in
length, and must be exercised away from the caravans and any designated play area.

22. A suitable receptacle, which must not be allowed to overflow, must be used for the
collection of waste water from each caravan. Disposal of this water usually in a hedgerow
oras the Rally Officer directs.

23. Members must make provision to store and take home all dry and wet kitchen waste,
including empty tins and bottles. Only chemical closet contents and waste water must be
emptied into the “pit” provided at rallies.

24. In the interest of all Members, noise from radios, televisions and other sources must be
kept at a reasonable level and “quiet hours” should start at 11.30 pm on Saturday nights
and 11.00 pm on other nights. Timings on Holiday Rallies shall be at the discretion of the
Rally Officers. Generators should only be run between the hours of 9.00 am and 5.00 pm
and must not be left running unattended. Please indicate on booking slip if using Generator

25. In view of the possible damage to caravans, the flying of kites or model aircraft,
the playing of ball games, (other than in the area designated by the Rally Officer) the use
of guns, air pistols, catapults and other dangerous toys on the site is strictly prohibited.
Bicycles must not be ridden within the area where caravans are pitched.

26. In the event of inclement weather, Members should avoid the unnecessary use of cars,
but if this is unavoidable vehicles should be driven round the perimeter of the site and not
through caravan lines. To assist Rally Officers in these conditions, Members are requested
to vacate their pitches at a reasonable time or as requested by the Rally Officer.

27. If the weather is wet and vehicles could cause skid damage, the Rally Officers will fly the
YELLOW FLAG, which indicates that NO cars are to be moved on the field without the
Rally Officer’s permission. Please consult the Rally Officer if for any reason you need to
leave the field, and discuss the options. The final decision rests with the Rally Officer.

28. Members must ensure that their children do not trespass or damage the Site Owners or
adjoining Owners property and that parental control must be exercised over children at
Social events.

29. Each pitch should be left clear of litter at the end of the Rally, and a careful check made
before leaving the field, that no litter has been left behind.

30. At the expiration of the period of the Rally, the Members caravan must be removed
from the Site unless prior arrangements, through the Rally Officer, with the Site Owner
have been made. Under no circumstances (except when a Holiday Rally is run under a
planning consent) may a caravan be left on Site beyond the expiry of 120 hours from the
time when the first caravan arrived on Site.

31. Only Centre direction signs will be displayed at the approaches to the Rally Site. These
are coloured yellow bearing the words GLOS RALLY and a sphinx.

32. Map references quoted throughout the Rally Handbook in respect of Rally Sites, apply
to 11/4″ or 1:50000 Ordnance Survey Maps.

33. To assist Rally Officers, Members should ensure that the Rally Booking Form is
completed in full with name, address, Membership number, car registration number,
number of people attending, together with their Sunday paper and if applicable, Social
tickets required and signature.

34. Centre Members achieving a Centennial Rally (Caravan Club Rallies only) may be
entitled to a Commemorative Plaque at the discretion of the Committee, and are invited to
notify the Trophy Officer at least six weeks in advance in order that it may be prepared for
presentation at the appropriate Rally.

35. All persons attending Rallies and other events organised by the
Gloucestershire Centre, do so entirely at their own risk.
No responsibility for persons or property is accepted by the organisers.